Friday, November 9, 2012

Further adventures in house hunting

I saw a few more houses earlier this week - four or five, I guess. They tend to blur together, mostly because I can tell right away I'm not interested in them, so I don't spend a lot of energy committing them to memory. Also, my memory is crap.

I'm seeing more today. I really like my agent - she knows that my price point is on the very low/competitive end of the market, so she's being creative. She is going to get in touch with real estate investors she knows to see if they're planning to sell any of their rental houses, and she's also talking to a contractor she knows who buys really sad old houses, refurbishes them from the beams out, and does a quality flip job. He's working on a house that is in a good-for-me location (and boy was it SAD when he bought it - I found the listing) but we both think he'll probably sell it out of my price range. But she'll ask and see!

Today we're looking at a house next door to the one I most recently didn't get, and then we'll look at a few houses that are in a much more far-flung part of town.

I have to admit I resent the fact that most of the areas and houses are too expensive for me. It's not anyone's fault, so it's an undirected resentment, but it just doesn't seem FAIR. Ah well, them's the breaks, and I guess I'll try to focus most of my energy on the price/expense/location questions.

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