Tuesday, November 20, 2012


I've made an offer and it's been accepted. It's a lot more house than I was looking for - 3 bedroom, living room AND family room; one-car garage. Only one bathroom, which is fine by me as I'm not a fan of cleaning those anyway. The kitchen is smaller than I'd like and the house was built in the 70s and isn't particularly cute.

But. It gets great light, with several skylights. It was recently remodeled and they did a solid job - even the closet doors are sturdy, real-wood affairs. There's room for my dining room table (heck, there's room for a MEGA dinner in the family room). There's a small outside patio off the kitchen, perfect for grilling. The front yard is ordinary now and will be a great place for a garden, and perhaps a patio or stone path or something to get rid of all the grass.

Also, it's in a great location - about a mile from a few of my friends, and under two miles from several really great neighborhoods. The neighborhood this house is in ("my" house? really?) has a small but great little business district - a garden shop, a brewpub type place, a slightly higher-end restaurant, and a great coffee shop. It also has an amazing and lovely park only a block or so away.

Also, the taxes are low and it looks like the principal & interest will cost about what my former rent was. I will have more expenses in terms of insurance, utilities, taxes, but I think it's going to be okay. 

So now we see what other roadblocks I run into. I'm oh-so-cautiously optimistic! Even though it's going to be nearly-empty for ages and ages! The inspection is Saturday. I'll take pictures.