Sunday, November 25, 2012


I've compared my two banks' mortgage paperwork. Bank A (the one that has lower closing costs but charges PMI) may not work anyway: the paperwork says that part of their title work is making sure the seller has held the title on the property for 180 days. This seller hasn't, and I know it - it's a flip. I'd called that bank and asked if it would be a problem and they said no, but maybe that person was wrong.

Anyway Bank B (higher closing costs, no PMI) has twice told me that won't be a problem. We'll see.

I took the mortgage packets to the coffee shop in the neighborhood belonging to this house, and afterward I walked past the house and through the park. I could be really satisfied there.

Still, I've felt strangely reluctant to delve into signing my name and assembling all the documents I need. I think I'm just afraid to get my hopes up.

Inspection is tomorrow - if it goes well I will schedule the appraisal. If it does not go well... well. No need to go there just yet I guess! But I will say: if it goes well, I will post pictures.

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