Thursday, November 29, 2012

More to-dos

Boy, I know people buy houses without agents but I am SO glad I'm using one. I wouldn't have visited this house, and I wouldn't have made an offer, for two things. True, that's not the end of the world - as one friend accurately told me after my first bid failed, there will always be more houses. However this house meets my criteria in many ways and I will be happy if I get to be done with the house-hunting stage for a good decade or so.

Back to my agent: She also went over my inspection report in detail and worked with me to write up the addendum we sent to the seller last night. She reviewed the title packet from my title company to assure me there wasn't anything too unexpected there. She let me know I need to get on getting house insurance like today.  Yesterday, if I can swing it.

That bit surprised me - really? I need it now? But it's true both my lender and now my title company have requested that information. So I guess yeah I need it now.

So today's to-do list:
- Get house insurance
- Contact inspector to have him write up something certifying the house is pest-free (my lender insists, weirdly)
- Send in title information once I have insurance
- Contact my lender to give HER the insurance info
- See if my lender needs an image of the processed earnest money check.

Phew. Glad I don't do this on a regular basis.


  1. I have to admit i'm enjoying being a spectator for all this, getting a sense of what's involved AFTER you find the house!

  2. I did skim a book a few months ago but it's not NEARLY the same as living it! This has been interesting but so far it feels like it's been doled out in bits and pieces which is good. Apparently it's common to coast along and then have a multiple-document drop-dead demand from the lender right before close... so we'll see.

  3. You are so much more organized than I was when we bought our house. I felt like I went through the whole thing in a fog -- thank goodness we had a good realtor and a patient lender.