Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Anyone who has furnished a significant chunk of their home from Craigslist is either a saint or is so lucky they should be playing the lottery. I'm trying to get some furnishings into my house, and am feeling really stymied by the process.

I *did* get a couch/day bed for the tv room, which is great, but I also want some sort of bed for my guest room. Right now my sister is sleeping on an airbed, and they are just not built for long-term usage - and aren't that comfortable anyway! I have the gloomy feeling that my mattress isn't working for me, so eventually I'll buy (yet) another and move mine into the guest room, but I really don't want to cough up the money for a new mattress right now (never mind another bed frame!).

I'd like to find some sort of twin sleeper that doubles as decent-looking furniture - either an armchair, or a couch, but not really a futon. I've found a few leads online but haven't been very successful in actually purchasing said furniture. It seems like I can either spend a lot more than I currently am comfortable spending, so I'll have nice furniture, or I can cheap out and buy something that isn't that sturdy and won't last that long - from the big picture, that's a waste of money, but it may be where I land.

Houses are exciting but kinda daunting too.

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  1. I am so over (or under) whelmed by craiglist. I've also decided that for the time being I am a-okay with one of the bedrooms being totally unfurnished. Now if I could figure out what I wanted my furniture wish-list to look like...