Monday, January 7, 2013

I'm in!

Moving weekend passed in a blur of activity:
Friday night: two carloads of stuff with a friend
Saturday: have fridge delivered, move a carload of stuff, buy tv & bring it to the house
Sunday: beautifully orchestrated move with a lot of people swapping in and out. We started at 10, had some truck-related chaos, and were finished by 1:30, and that includes about an hour of driving to the storage unit.

A few friends put my bed and dining room table together, another two hung my shower rod & curtain, and yet another pair unpacked much of my kitchen for me. Another friend assembled my lamps and seemed disappointed I didn't have more projects!

The internet/cable guy spent 4 hours rigging me up and insisted on helping unpack and set up my television to be sure it worked (and to save him a call in a few days, I'm sure!).

I've spent my first day in the house mostly hanging out in the living room, enjoying the light and working (wow busy day at work). I've taken a few breaks to rearrange and flatten boxes and give a Skype tour to my parents and sister.

The house has great light, holds heat well, and is really quiet. Plenty of room for my stuff, I think, and one day I'll have enough furniture for it! It's all really really great.

hoo boy am I tired!

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