Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Settling in

Well, it's coming together - and yep, there's a lot left to do! I've even cooked a little bit, and have been surprised and pleased to find that cooking in a roomy gallery kitchen is quite nice.

I need a LOT of storage space for my kitchen stuff, and wanted to be sure I had plenty of workspace, so for now I've got a counter-height cart in what could be viewed as the dining area. So from this:

I'm now doing this:
Except I've already gotten rid of the small table thing by the doorway. That was overkill.
I'd like to get some tall chairs so I can sit to eat a meal - I've been doing a lot of kitchen-standing, which feels nice when I've been sitting and working a lot, but isn't practical or hospitable when I have visitors.

Right now I'm focusing my money and Craigslist energies on getting other furniture (a family room couch and a guest room daybed), so the chairs will have to wait.

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