Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The penultimate stuff

On New Year's Eve morning I got a call from the title company asking if I could come in to sign papers. They actually woke me up and it took a while to process that this must be the green light - the sale is really really going to happen? What an odd way to absorb the fact of it.

Fortunately I remembered that my agent wanted to be present, and I wanted her there, so I pushed the signing to the 2nd. I'm paying a mobile notary to come to me, which is better than taking a half-day off work and driving to the very inconveniently-located title office. This may be one of the last profligate things I do!

I just wired a great thwack of money to the title office - the rest of the down payment and the closing costs. The closing costs are an entire $5,000 less than the estimate they gave me on the Good Faith Estimate form and I don't know why. I expected a $2,500 discount/rebate for some program they're running but am stumped about the other $2500. Should I be waiting for the other shoe to drop on that front?

Anyway, notary is here in 10 minutes. Eeeeek.

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