Monday, March 4, 2013

Cleanse: catch-up

yep, I'm still cleansing. My sister made some yummy almond sauce for some of the leftover spaghetti squash; it was equally delicious on broccoli. She also roasted a chicken and some veggies yesterday, and made more granola, so we're continuing to eat well (and I'm very grateful for the spare hands in the kitchen!).

I feel fine - not particularly any different than usual, but I continue to believe my eating was pretty healthy in general. I didn't have any terrible detox symptoms aside from a slight headache for a couple of days, and my energy level is about the same as usual.

I wound up eating out a couple times this weekend and did the best I could. At one place I ordered the blackened catfish on a salad - the spices made my face look sunburned, which was really not awesome and may leave me avoiding spicy foods from here on out. I like the taste but hate that I can be spotted glowing from a mile away after! The other meal out was at a gluten free bakery; I ordered the arugula-tomato-pesto panini but swapped mushrooms for the tomatoes, and ordered the dairy-free version. Presumably that means there's no cheese in the pesto... so, it's been fine. I feel like I'm getting plenty to eat and have only dropped a couple of pounds at last measure.

I don't know if my knuckles are getting any better - I thought they may be, but had some pain last night/this morning, so I'm not sure. I'd say there may be some slight improvement. We'll see what the next 2 weeks bring.

I'm hosting two different book groups in the next two weeks, to it'll be interesting to see how I do finding cleanse-friendly foods!

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