Thursday, March 7, 2013

Okay fine...

this cleansing business is getting a bit old.

Last night I made soup from homemade chicken stock, celery, carrot, mushrooms, chicken, and wild rice. It was pretty good! And a friend came by later in the evening and we drank wine, which was quite nice. So it's not like I'm suffering massive deprivation here.. I'm just a bit tired of feeling constrained.

Well, it's all for science! so I will just have to carry on. Fortunately I'm just past the halfway point.. next Saturday can't come soon enough! This is supposed to be a 21-day cleanse and Saturday is actually day 20, so we're quitting a couple days early - because I'm having a dinner party and we're tasting riojas and I'm feeling rebellious. I will endeavor to only add in one of the things I'm cleansing, and given that the food is Spanish-themed, I'm pretty sure it'll be nightshade vegetables so we can serve tomatoes! Though I might be at the stage of killing for a decent gluten splurge.

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