Monday, March 25, 2013

off to paradise!

Well, I'm heading to Hawaii for a while, and am very very excited about the entire thing. I'm flying first class due to some internet wisdom, which is no longer on offer, but which worked for me! I'm flying round-trip, first-class, for about $400. I will concede that I'm departing on a Tuesday and returning on a Monday, so it isn't ideal in that way, but eh, I'll take it. And I hope I get a lei out of it!

In related musings: I've had my iphone for all of a month or so, and I'm already debating if I should even bother bringing my camera. I love the convenience of being able to blog right from my phone and post pictures from it, like I did with my garden post. Actually what I really like to do is start the post, upload the pictures, save them, and complete my post from my keyboard. But I won't have a computer with me, so my posts will either be quite photographic, or rather non-existent.

I plan to hike, and scuba, and loll, and snorkel, and go to a couple museums, and check out Honolulu, and go to a luau. Stay tuned for photographic goodness!

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