Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Garden 2.0

When I lived in the Bay Area I organized a community garden at my apartment building. Only about 15% of the residents participated, but it was still pretty awesome. Now that I've got my own place I wasn't sure how much (if any) gardening I'd be doing.

However, fate intervened: on the day of my housewarming party, one of my former housemates let me know she was getting rid of three 5x5 beds, and asked if I wanted them - delivery & setup included! I'm not one to look convenience in the mouth, so I said sure! She and her boyfriend delivered and set them up on the day of the party, which was very exciting. Not only that but she came up with a source for garden dirt - another friend of hers is getting rid of the raised bed at the house she just bought, and was willing to lend us her truck to transport said dirt.

Fortunately it was GORGEOUS on Saturday, so all the heaving of buckets of dirt was nearly enjoyable. And progress was made. From this:

To this: 
In just a few hours! 

You'll note the beds are shaded in the morning, so I'm not certain the location is perfect. I wanted them to be someplace where I would see and remember them, and if they were at the sunniest part of my yard they'd be much more out of sight. As it is I can see them from my kitchen and office windows. 

So far I've planted three kale starts, and seeds for carrots and radishes.  I'll be getting more plant starts from a CSA I joined, but I think before I get them I'll add a couple bags of dirt to the beds I haven't already started using. Still - off to a great start.

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  1. Yay! As I've mentioned I don't think we are going to get raised beds in this year - but that is one of my concerns - putting the bed in a spot I'll notice it daily.