Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Gluten, sweet sweet gluten

Today's my first day returning gluten to my diet. Okay, well I cracked last night and had a beer while out watching a friend's band debut at an open mic night - I drank it, but it wasn't an epic revelation of beery goodness or anything.

Today though I'm glutening it up, and how. I've been reflecting that for me, gluten mainly means sweet treats. Sure, it can mean cereal, or delicious home-made sandwich bread, also pasta, but for me it REALLY means scones, cookies, cakes... and I have a freezer full of girl scout cookies that I ordered before I did this whole cleanse thing.

My fingers are a bit sore, but I attribute it mostly to a twenty-mile bike ride and then a bunch of square dancing on Sunday - those are both very hand-intensive labors, though the strong-handed among us may not notice so much!

This morning I had mini scones for breakfast and I'll have a sandwich on REAL bread for lunch. I'm having people over for a book group meeting/dinner and will be serving ravioli baked into a lasagna (the cheater's quick dinner), and one of the members is bringing brownies (hoorah!). That ought to cover the gluten front, big time! Then I am supposed to go off it for three more days to test to see if I react.

I'm not really being fair to the cleanse, because I've opened up the taps on almost everything I had eliminated, but that's too bad. I've come to the end of my limited patience for diet and behavioral modification.

So, we'll see if I have a noticeable gluten reaction. It may behoove me to mostly cut it out anyway, given how closely it's linked to unhealthy food in my mind!

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  1. I'll be curious to read your changes. I didn't feel anything when I started eating gluten again but my boyfriend did big time! He's now trying to be 100% gluten free.