Saturday, March 16, 2013

End of cleanse!

I'm just shy of three weeks cleansing, but Today is my last day - I'm participating in a potluck tonight and couldn't deal with the menu implications.

Thursday especially I just wanted to be DONE, but oddly today I'm not rushing out to break the cleanse. I'm still avoiding gluten for a few more days while I test for nightshade vegetables (hurrah for tomato sauce tonight!), but otherwise all bets are off going forward.

My energy levels stayed the same. I had less indigestion/coughing than I sometimes do (classic intolerance indicators, I understand). My knuckles still have some occasional discomfort but may be slightly improved.

I think I'll re-introduce gluten on Tuesday and see if I notice any changes, but so far this has not been life-altering. (Phew!)

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