Monday, October 26, 2009

Accidental genius

This weekend I made Pioneer Woman's cupcakes. For some mad reason, I thought I should double the recipe.
I shouldn't have - I was heading out in an hour and really had to fly around the kitchen to get it done!

But, I triumphed. Even though the recipe made more cake than I needed: I had two dozen cupcakes and a loaf pan of cake to show for my efforts! Yes, I know this isn't the worst thing that can happen, but I live alone and don't need that kind of yumminess calling to me. I foisted about half of the cupcakes off on my pumpkin-carving friends, and brought the loaf cake into work.

Only on the very last slice did I find out that the loaf cake is BRILLIANT: because I was running short of time, and the cake wasn't quite done, I turned off the oven and left it in there. It cracked a bit but was otherwise fine-looking when I got home. Well, when I poured the frosting on, it oozed into the cracks on the cake, much like pudding cake in the old days.

I'm totally doing this on purpose next time.

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