Saturday, October 3, 2009

stopping shopping

Since I've joined Holly's challenge for this month (technically, I've latched onto something she was doing independently), I wound up skipping this week's shop local evening bazaar. I wanted to just go look, but decided it was pretty pointless. Not only did I not have a shopping list for Christmas, I didn't really have any spare cash with me AND I was on my bike and wanted to ride home with two friends going my way - I'd prefer to have a friendly witness if I got hit by a car!

So that's all well and good. I realized I was almost out of hand lotion at home, but brought home a little bottle I have at my desk at work. There is one thing I may wind up buying - wood for the garden project. I will allow that since it's part of a bigger project!

Looking at my spending, this should save me as much as $500. Should be interesting!

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