Wednesday, October 7, 2009

On the quest for dried chipotles

In order to make the Fallen Ladies I need a dried chipotle pepper - not powdered, but a chili.

In related news, tonight I confirmed what I long suspected - I'll do just about anything rather than clean! I have houseguests (apartment-guests, technically) this weekend, the first arriving tomorrow night, but did I clean? No, I did not. Did I hit THREE grocery stores in my quest for a dried chipotle pepper? Yes, yes I did.

Okay it's true that two of the shops are just down the street from my apartment. And the first had something like FOUR types of dried chiles, just not chipotle. The third though - I knew I was reaching when I went to the third. It's part of a big chain, and not that large a store, and it's about a mile from home, and it really is uphill both ways (downhill too, of course). Still, I tried, mostly so I could rest easy on my couch knowing I'd tried. Even if there's plenty of other things I could be doing.

I have a secret weapon, tomorrow. I'm going to walk to the famed and excellent Berkeley Bowl during lunch tomorrow. If they don't have a dried chipotle pepper, I'll punt and use something else.

Oh, did I mention I've changed the base recipe for the dessert? Yeah.. going with something a bit different than planned. Stay tuned for that not so interesting story!


  1. Chris is going to the Mexican store tomorrow to get supplies for Saturday. Let me know if you don't find it at Berkeley Bowl and he can look there.

  2. ooh hi Brenda, I didn't know you were with me, yay! I will let you know if I am still a massive failure after lunch.