Thursday, October 1, 2009

My timing is not so great!

I've decided to join Holly in a short-term shopping ban. She's doing it for three months, but I'm aiming to get through October in one piece. She's a pro, after all, having Stopped Shopping for a whole year!

The rules - no purchasing the following items:
* Clothes
* Shoes
* Bags
* Jewelery/Accessories
* Books
* CDs
* DVDs
* Non-essential toiletries

To Holly's list, I add my big downfall:
* kitchen and household things
* knitting-related things - mostly yarn

I'm just going to try it out for October and see how it goes. It's true that my other big downfall is groceries and eating/drinking out, but this is a great place to start. I track my spending and I've gotten closer and closer to spending 100% of my take-home, which is Not Okay. So, this will help me recalibrate.

Too bad I'm going to an incredibly nifty full moon shop-local event tonight! That's okay, though: I'll learn about new artisans and vendors, and I'm sure I can purchase later if I choose.

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