Sunday, October 4, 2009

oh my - photo technology

I've long been a user of Flickr. Well, "long" in computer years: I've been on Flickr for three years. When I moved to California, things were more and more digital, and I resolved to document my goings-on, so that's when I really got into digital photography and albums.

Now that I'm using this blog, I've found that my photos I'm uploading are being stored in a Picasa album for me. Also, I need to make an album accessible as part of a volunteer thing I'm doing, and everyone else is using Picasa.

So suddenly I'm checking out new technology. Picasa seems pretty slick, though I DO have a methodology going for flickr. It'll be interesting to see how things evolve. I hate to go all Google-products, all the time, but I sure seem to be tilting that way. I still have a yahoo mail account, but its search function is BEYOND crappy, so I'm probably going to give it up in a fit of rage. Some day.

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  1. The "rage quit" is a time-honored computer technique. Embrace it!