Saturday, September 19, 2009

A belated greeting

New blog! New determination! new focus!

Something like that. I wonder how many blogs are out there with tumbleweeds rolling down the street? I bet the vast majority. In some ways, blogging feels so very 2006 - I keep up with my friends in other ways. But today's ways of keeping up are SO ephemeral.

I follow a lot of blogs about food and cooking and money and finance and the Bay Area (sometimes those topics overlap, even!) and I bookmark a handful of the posts every day (which adds up, and is the subject for a later post).

So what does all this mean? In this time of ephemeral chatter, I want to be able to revisit my thoughts. And I would love it if I have company along the way.


  1. i know what you mean about 2006 -- i remember a bloggish thing i had back in 2002, which was really just a bunch of essays on my personal webpage. i think successful blogs go beyond navel gazing (gross) and teen angst and self indulgence and offer something useful, or a compelling story. i love how you post about recipes you've found elsewhere and review them -- just because some culinary genius was able to create a work of art doesn't mean the rest of us can!