Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Helping a blogger misbehave

This is possibly not that interesting to you, my loyal readers, but it's an interesting commentary on blogs, search engines, and trademarks.

Back in April 2008, a blogger wrote a post about the company MonaVie. They make juice, I guess, and rely on individuals to sell their products. To sum up: the article wasn't complimentary; nor were the 3,200+ comments added to the post (three THOUSAND, folks).

Thanks to all those comments, and the links across the web, google searches for MonaVie return his post as the top search result. Guess who doesn't love that?

MonaVie wants him to stop! They want him to remove his post and stop talking about their company. That smacks of censorship to me. More importantly, the blogger cleverly repurposed an awesome monologue from the movie Serenity.

The idea is that the more people link to his post, the harder it will be for MonaVie to keep being idiots. I'm not sure it will help but I'm willing to try. Therefore, I am posting this in an attempt to help Lazy Man misbehave.

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  1. Thanks for the post, Beth. It's good to have the peeps on the other side of the bay supporting me.

    This is one case where I'm trying not to live up to my name.