Monday, September 21, 2009

busy & productive & social

The weekend was just about perfect: lots of down time (I only had plans for Saturday night!), I entertained myself in the kitchen (made yogurt, peach-blueberry jam, and applesauce), and did a volunteer gig.

Oakland is a city of many contradictions: rich people in the hills, gangs in the flatlands, and ordinary people like me in the middle. Of course it's not that simple, either, but that's not my point right now! Among its bounty, Oakland has tons of urban paths and stairways, and an organization is gathering volunteers to map, photograph, and in other ways document them. Sounds fun, so I've signed up. I'll need local buddies to keep me company and hold the tape measure!

Some of my treasure: applesauce (with a little peach, blueberry, and spices, but no sugar added)

And the peach-blueberry jam:

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