Wednesday, September 23, 2009

more creative dessert thinking

More on the Fallen Ladies.

I was thinking the gold flakes in Goldschlager might be a nice touch, but I don't want the cinnamon flavor. I also thought flower water would be lady-like, but a) I've never used it and b) prefer my flowers in a vase, not on my plate.

Meghan suggested a liqueur drizzle, and I am leaning that way. I don't want a fruity flavor, or coffee. I've been exposed to nocino, which is a liqueur made from green walnuts and is yummy. So I might get a bottle of that and see how it goes with chocolate cake. It might be good to add the flavor (whatever it winds up being) to whipped cream - a toffee sauce, while yummy, may be just too rich for my ladies. Then again, how about a hard sauce with whiskey or brandy or cognac?

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