Thursday, May 2, 2013

Home ownership, four months in

 It's been just about four months since I moved into my house. I'm mostly unpacked, though there are some random boxes in several closets. I could really use a dresser or two, and my office has a desk but that's about it in terms of organization. I just tell myself it would be boring if I were 100% settled in already!
One of ten buds on my rose bush...
 I'm wrapping my head around mowing the lawn regularly, and while I don't love that task, it IS satisfying when it's all tidy and mowed. If I only had a weed whacker I could REALLY make it look good... but for now, mowed is good enough. It has been fun finding out what colors the things in my yard are when they bloom.

I still look at real estate postings on a regular basis, and I wonder if this is like someone in a new relationship who is still habitually checking out other people (either online or in person). Maybe I just haven't settled into this new state of mind? I do wish I could date like I house-shopped: I was ON it, churning through 25 houses (and four offers) in under three months. If I dated like that I imagine I would not be single!

Anyway, I've only had one stress dream about the house and haven't had any catastrophes yet. Three payments down, 357 to go! 

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