Sunday, May 12, 2013

Weekend warrior

What a weekend! On top of yesterday's busy-ness, today I went on two bike rides! The first one was a 20-mile loop and I felt terrific, even pulling my usually-much-faster friend for a chunk of it. (My pulling isn't literal, but it means she was riding directly behind me tucked into my slipstream. This is called drafting, can save the rear rider 30% of her effort, and can easily go awry. No drafting with strangers!)

Then I got home, ate egg salad and rice cakes, and went on another ride with a different friend! We went about 17 miles, and since my friend's bike is a heavy model, we went a ton slower than I'd have gone riding solo. We also got a bit lost! But we sorted it out in the end - I even got to rely on some of my seven-years-rusty mental maps of the bike routes out by I-205.

So, 6-mile hike yesterday and 37-mile ride today. I think I'll sleep well!

Photos from the hike:

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