Friday, May 3, 2013

Yes, I can!

I'm getting back on the canning wagon this weekend - ironically, it will be amazing out! Fortunately my friend and I are keeping it pretty simple:

Rhubarb-infused simple syrup for cocktails
Rhubarb-rosemary jam
Pickled rhubarb

I'd initially proposed also pickling asparagus, but it is going to be an AMAZING weekend and I think we'll be inclined to get out of the kitchen (and, perhaps, on to the cocktails).

I shall try to remember to take pictures - I have to say, using my phone's camera has me taking many more pictures. I'm not so diligent about tagging them, though I'm trying to get better.


  1. Are you water-bath canning? I've found that as long as I have enough pans I can manage two small batches of similar items (same water bath time) decently enough. But I can also see how that could be overwhelming for your first round.

  2. I've canned before, but it's been a couple of years at least. My friend hasn't - but I think the jam makes such a small amount (3 half-pint jars) that it won't be necessary to do the full-on water bath. The pickles don't really require it either. I'm all about instant gratification this time around!

    Later this summer I want to make pickled dilly beans, I have a recipe from a former patron's 90+-year-old mother. Those probably need the water bath treatment.