Thursday, May 30, 2013

Portland evening

My sister and I went to monthly-occurring street festival tonight. It was fun, though we foolishly (cleverly?) ate dinner in advance and carried no cash. Still there was a lot of food, art, craft, and people to check out.

This event has been going in for years, but has been something of a victim of its popularity, with sometimes-unruly crowds and disenchanted neighbors. People seemed pretty mellow tonight, but I was taken aback to see a guy with a bandana obscuring his face. During the Occupy months in Oakland, that was a nearly-sure sign that anarchy (read: vandalism) was on the agenda, so I tensed up a bit...til I realized he was an artist trying not to too badly fry his brains on spray paint.

On the way home we saw people playing unicycle polo. Pretty awesome.

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