Monday, May 13, 2013

Tee Vee

For the first time in my entire life, I'm paying for cable tv. This is because my employer pays for my Internet/land line, and I pay the 1/3 of the package that is cable. Best of all, I now have a DVR! I'm still totally disinterested in scheduling my life around a show's airtime, but if I can watch it later - genius!

At first I was recording a lot of Big Bang Theory, but it got overwhelming - though it's still the rare show that can make me laugh aloud. I also was saving lots of How I Met Your Mother, but it, too, seems to air non-stop.

Now I'm getting Doctor Who (though this season has been quite disappointing; I think I really don't like the new companion and the lame stories they've had), Mad Men (SO great, especially with the insightful commentary from - which seriously is the first thing I look for on Monday and Wednesday mornings), and Orphan Black (omg trippy and riveting and great).

What else am I missing?


  1. My first tarry with a DVR resulted in wayyy too many recorded reruns and a full hard drive. Then it felt like homework to clear the thing off. I've stuck to first-run only since then and it's much more manageable. The finale of the Office is on this week, and I record Mythbusters and only a couple other things. Probably not worth the cable bill, to be honest!

  2. Yeah, once my year at this rate is up I may get rid of it - I'm "only" paying about 40 bucks a month but it's not even worth that much, really. Well.. except for Mad Men.