Tuesday, May 21, 2013

New booze

Well! I had a terrific summer drink last night at local fave the Tin Shed. This lovely goodness was cucumber-infused gin + limeade, over a lot of ice, in a pint glass. So now I'm on a rampage to find out how to make it myself.

Okay, that's not exactly true: I googled 'cucumber infused gin recipe' and found out it's... gin, plus some cucumber. Sure, people have shaken it up some (ha!) by slicing, or peeling, or mashing, but basically  you combine the two in a jar for a couple of days, taste it to see how you like it, and strain out the cukes when you're satisfied. It takes very little time.

All I have to do now is pick the gin; I emailed a gin-loving friend to get tips on the most cucumber-friendly option. Another friend and I are each going to try a different type of gin and compare notes/get sozzled in the quest for Knowledge. 

It won't be all that warm here this weekend, but I recommend it to anyone expecting a gorgeous three-day weekend!

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