Thursday, May 9, 2013

knitted goodness!

This hat was my first real foray into colorwork, and man, it was killing me. First of all, I foolishly took the advice of another knitter who used that pattern and my yarn, and used very small needles. When I followed her example, the hat was far too tiny to wear! Then when I finally got the needle size down, I had trouble with the floats, resulting in a puckery hat:
It's very  hard to get a picture of one's head...

Anyway, I finally finished the project and I'm happy with it!
I actually ran out of the blue, so finished the itty bitty top bit with green. You can sort of spot it in this picture:

Yay hat! Too bad it's feeling like summer most days here! But with any luck we'll get some more chilly/rainy days so I can bust out my springy goodness.

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